Final Evaluation

First year of Create & Control is over. 

On Wednesday, June 28, the ceremonial closure of the first year of Create & Control, founded and led by students Michaela Knošková and Adriána Repáňová, took place in the areas of the University of Economics in Bratislava. In the project, high school students lead their own fictional country and solve given tasks. Throughout the year they also take part in Žilina summits where they need to solve given problems and learn about controlling their own country. The project leads young people to gaining practical experience with the functioning of the state and its institutions and learning to communicate about public affairs. Create & Control is under the auspices of MEP Ivan Štefanec (KDH,EĽS), who awarded the material prices to the successful teams and invited them for a visit to the Seat of the European Parliament in Strasbourg. As many as 85 students from all over Slovakia took part in the first year of Create & Control and created 10 countries. The winning country was the fictional country Asfar with number 8 from Milan Hodža Bilingual Grammar School in Sučany.

"From personal experience we know that young people have only very weak knowledge about the functioning of a state and the importance of democracy. This later leads to electing extremists and populists. We decided to stop simply watching and start doing something. We are glad that we gained the support of the MEP Ivan Štefanec and other figures of the public life. For the next year we would like to get financial support to broaden and improve the project. Our thanks belongs to everyone who participated in it and helped us," said one of the founders of Create & Control, Michaela Knošková.

"Michaela and Adriána by their activities actually substitute the state, which does nearly nothing to lead young people to seeing politics and public affairs responsibly. When they asked me for help and support I didn't hesitate. As the chairman of the jury I participated in several rounds of the competition in Žilina and I was very pleasantly surprised by their quality. Young people who participated in the project are a big hope for Slovakia. I will continue to support Create & Control and I believe that its level will only rise during the following years," said Ivan Štefanec about the first year of the project.

The coordinator of the winning team, Michal Pati, also shared his impressions from the project: "If the project Create & Control has given me anything, it is the realisation that behind nearly every problem in the society there is the insufficiency of education. Whether it is racism, xenophobia or low living standard of the population, the key to the solution is constant education and self-knowledge. As leaders of a fictional country we also had to deal with problems of migration or impending hyperinflation. We were not always able to find quick and painless solutions, but it is probably not even fully possible."