Together for Better Education

17.2. 2016

The project Together for Better Education was created to show that we in Sučany are not indifferent to the current situation in educational system, so on February 17, 2016, teachers and students joined together to express their support and belief in a better future of education. The whole day carried itself in blue color, which is the color of rational thinking necessary to solve a serious problem, such as poor educational system in Slovakia. From early morning, blue bows and shocking facts about education were distributed in the school's premises, but the most important part of the program was the Speaker's Corner during the big break, both for students and school staff. The main idea of ​​the Speaker's corner is to provide a space for expressing your own opinion on a pre-defined topic, in this case "Education in Slovakia". Due to the general nature of the topic, almost every student had a number of ideas in their heads, which some of them shared and showed that, despite their lower age, they were not indifferent to the political events in Slovakia.

The Story of the Project

1. Preparation

Given that approximately 500 students attend the Milan Hodža Bilingual Grammar School, our goal was to create at least 400 bows which we made from an 80m long ribbon and it took us over 10 hours of work. It was also necessary for each bow to be pinned and to take a photo with the motto #zanaseskolstvo made of 15 huge letters, which were also made by only two pairs of hands.

2. Course of the Project Itself

From the first break, we were distributeing pale-blue bows and not very happy facts about educational system to students, teachers and non-teaching staff of the school.

During the big break, the Speaker's Corner was held, where everyone had the opportunity to express their own opinion about the poor educational situation. Through our prologue, we invited students and teachers to say what they really think, and we were very pleased with the number of participants.

After our speech, there were a number of teachers, including those who were in the strike, and those who persisted in teaching, our headmaster, a message from our former student who is currently studying in London where she organised the support of foreign students was also read, and finally many of the students of our grammar school themselves also expressed their ideas. Various thoughts were expressed, whether thankful or revolutionary, and we were happy because suddenly nothing divided us, the whole school became united.

3. Support 

During the next break, students in blue T-shirts met at Grass (grass area at school) to express their support for education, took a photo and became part of the #zanaseskolstvo project, for which we are all incredibly grateful to them :)