Simulated Student Elections into VÚC (Counties)

Student elections are a nonpolitical project that points out the importance of the elections today. It is a project organised by young people for students as an important part of the practical teaching of responsible citizenship at secondary schools.

The aim of the project is to give students the opportunity to experience the elections at their own school with the same rules as the current Slovak electoral system. Students will be able to test the exact course of the elections on their own and they will be confronted with political questions like "who to vote" before they reach the age required to vote.

Our intention is to explain to students that electing is not an obligation, but a privilege and at the same time to familiarise them with one of the most important types of representative democracy. Our vision is to help solve the problem of low electoral participation of young people and at the same time to contribute to practical teaching of political literacy among students in secondary schools all over Slovakia.

Even at our school we joined this project and we tried to show students the importance of the election not only into the National Council of the Slovak Republic. Despite the problems we had, more than 25% of the eligible voters (15+) took part in the elections.

Thank you for your participation, the results will be announced on the page Pre Stredoškolákov (For High School Students). We will try to reflect them when preparing the Summits of Create & Control. And those who would like to participate in simulated electronic elections, we bring to your attention a great project of RMŽK - Youth Council of Žilina Region: