The First Žilina Summit

On December 3, 2016, the First Žilina Summit of Create & Control was held in Žilina, where representatives of the fictional countries met and presented the progress of their countries, and then solved a complex international problem.

The competition is supposed to teach young people that politics is mainly about responsibility and every single decision affects the running of a country and the fate of millions of people. The fictional governments faced questions of an international nature to which they had to react together, and despite the different state systems they had to find common ground in their solution. Their steps and results were evaluated by a three-member jury consisting of Ivan Štefanec, Pavel Sibyla and Martin Reguli, who also announced the winners of the first international problem at the end.

The competition, of course, continues and the next meeting will be held again in Žilina in March and will bear the title "The Second Žilina Summit". The impressions from the whole process were summed up by the chairman of the jury, MEP Ivan Štefanec: "I am very glad that our students are coming up with such activities and I am ready to support them at all times. I have a  discussion at some of the Slovak high schools nearly every week and I know how important it is to teach young people about the functioning of a state. I believe that this competition will encourage its participants to become more engaged with politics and maybe also involved in it later. In the European Parliament, we often face the necessity to look for a compromise between countries for the best interest. Competition Create & Control was also enriched by this element and the contestants have found themselves that international cooperation is the foundation for prosperity within the country."

In addition, according to the words of the MEP, such activity supplements classical teaching at school. "Such projects could be a very valuable addition to teaching civics or history, which are unfortunately still neglected in Slovakia. I thank the authors of the idea for their creativity and high dedication to the organization of the event, and I congratulate to all who participated in it and did really well. I'm looking forward to the continuation and I believe that the project Create & Control will improve both in terms of quality and number of competitors," added Štefanec.

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