Coordination Meeting

The Coordination Meeting took part from 14 to 15 October 2017 at Hotel Slovakia in Žilina. As many as 20 coordinators participated in this meeting and learned about the further functioning of their countries. The new thing is that the meetings are two days long in order for participants to get to know each other better, to concentrate on their role fully, to enjoy the beauty of our city and to build long-lasting and valuable contacts.

On Saturday, we went through ice-breakers, training and country toss-up. The participants got acquainted with the INVESTOPEDIA rules, with the course of the national problems and with the rules of the seating arrangements of the "World Meeting of the Countries". They drew the location of their country and began to make international treaties.

Throughout the days, there was a great motivation visible in the participants, who were constantly asking new and new questions, inventing new ways to win the competition and be the best. Also, a new concept of country's political system had to be prepared, as democratic principles weren't always  applied.

On Sunday, we had an honourable visit, a director of studies Dean Rešo, who helped the coordinators to prepare for the entire second year of Create & Control. They participated in teamwork training, caught fish from the pond, learnt more about their personality and the position of the leader in a group. There were many creative ways to engage and present their abilities and new ideas. All sides were satisfied, both the supervisor and the participants. 

The new member of our organisational team, Linda Lomenčíková, reviewed our joint work: "This coordination meeting was my first personal contact with the competition Create & Control. Before the meeting I did not know what to expect and I felt a bit ill at ease. It was by the first conversations with the coordinators when I realised that I did not have the slightest reason to feel nervous. From everyone in the room shone intelligence, prudence, determination and especially friendliness and determination to create new acquaintances. The atmosphere during the whole two days was very pleasant and I went home with great enthusiasm and eagerness for the next part of the competition. If the other meetings are going to be so pleasant, the whole organising team has something to look forward to."

The Coordinator at Gymnázium Veľká Okružná looked back at the meeting with words: "I met my 19 rivals at the coordination meeting. Despite the fact, the atmosphere was very friendly, because we shared the motivation to solve the problems of our countries. We found out that this would require cooperation, mutual respect and good relations between our countries, and therefore also between us."