Coordination Meeting

The coordinators of each fictional state participated in the first meeting of the project Create & Control to learn more about the overall course of the project.

On October 15, 2016, the organizers and coordinators of the project met for the first time at the premises of the University of Žilina to prepare for the next course of the competition. Students introduced each other, chose randomly the location of their own countries and obtained detailed descriptions of the location and population of the countries. 

The coordinators took part in a workshop on the usage of the website INVESTOPEDIA, where they would invest their fictional money throughout the project, and then they presented their views to the other participants either at the meeting or later in their own school team.

In the next two months, the teams will work on building the groundwork of their country, from the political and economic system to the anthem or motto. Their progress will then be presented at the December meeting, the so-called First Žilina Summit, where they will also solve international problems at one table.