Let's Make September Better


From March until June 2016, a charity project called Let's Make September Better was held at Milan Hodža Bilingual Grammar School in Sučany.

The main idea of ​​this project is to provide school supplies for children from the crisis center Náruč, for whom such things are not a certainty.

The Story of the Project

1. Preparation

Despite the health complications, the project started on March 7, 2016 and we began with preparations.

1. A great purchase at Metro, where we tried to get the most necessary ingredients for the least amount of money, which we would have accomplished if we had not forgotten some items :)

2. We bake cupcakes every Sunday and pancakes every Wednesday night. We are trying to bake together about 80 pieces, which at least in the beginning were very easy to sell. Cupcakes consist of a flan and a frosting that we recommend to everyone.

2. Sale

Sales were running every week on Monday and Thursday, as planned. More than 16 volunteers were involved in the sale and we are very grateful to them. In the course of time, we have been continuously changing the flavors of cupcakes and pancakes, and later we added into our "menu" also hot dogs.