The Second Žilina Summit

Students learnt to make their own choices in the Create & Control project. On 18.3. 2017, the Second Žilina Summit of the Project Create & Control took place at the City Hall in Žilina, where the students met and decided about the fate of their countries, about the fate of millions of people, about the fate of their planet, they learnt to be responsible and they improved their ability to work in a team, they improved their argumentative skills and critical thinking, which was confirmed by a project participant, Viktória Malinčáková: "It was an exceptional event during which I felt like a real citizen of our state - Livistónia and I defended the opinions and attitudes to different situations."

At the Second Žilina Summit representatives of the countries met and discussed an international problem that was aimed at the planet's poor state, so they sought solutions to the environmentally harmful situation of their planets. They came up with interesting solutions and suggestions that can later be applied to our real world as well. The solutions were later evaluated by a jury consisting of: Denis Cáder and Daniel Kerekeš, who actively participated in the debate and shared their knowledge. According to a member of the jury Daniel Kerekeš, it is very important for students to be informally educated, which he expressed in his statement: "Governing is something that almost nobody knows anything about. At the same time, governing of a state requires special managerial skills. Our educational system doesn't educate youth in this matter at all. This is why I have a positive view of this activity and the work of the organizers."

The competition of course continues and the next meeting will take place in Žilina again at the end of May and it will be called "The Third Žilina Summit".

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