Create & Control 2017/2018

With great pleasure we also decided to organize the second year of Create & Control. We were all more than happy to receive the European Union's financial support under the Erasmus + program.

Thanks to the European Union, we can organise summits of a higher quality and quantity for twice as many participants. Twenty schools from all over Slovakia participated together with a jury of a doubled number of members. Our organizational team has also expanded, and we started working with the Open Policy Center which oversees the professionality of our tasks and country descriptions.

Summits and coordination meetings will last for two days and students will be given the opportunity to participate in workshops and trainings. They spend time together informally and do not have to hurry to the train immediately. The sessions are inspired by the modeling sessions of the United Nations as well.

They will spend time together informally and will not have to hurry to catch the train. The meetings have newly also their own agenda inspired by the model meetings of the United Nations.

We also expanded our organisational team from two to five members. We are very happy that they brought new ideas and insights into the project, new experience and expertise. Linda Lomenčíková, Michal Pati and Jakub Bero, high school students who are interested in public events and want to help the current situation in Slovakia.

We hope that we will bring new experience to the participants and they will learn a lot of new things, create contacts that they can use in the future and become the bearers of the values ​​that Create & Control brings.

Mutual understanding, finding consensus, respect and reverence.