Create & Control

The project "Create & Control" is a unique opportunity for high school students to taste the world of high politics and management of a state from the position of the leader.

The competition, supported by a Member of the European Parliament Ivan Štefanec, is meant for high school students and it combines the elements of model meetings with creation of a fictional country, in which participants have to face internal and external political problems, which they have to solve in their team or with other participants with whom they will regularly meet in meetings designed to present and summarise progress of one's fictional country.

The results of the international negotiations and internal solutions will be judged by the experts in this field, who (when the competition ends) will choose teams whose countries managed their responsibilities best and solved problems in the most effective way. The fictional countries will be awarded points for these and the winner can await a unique prize.

The primary goal of the project is focused on disinformation of high school students in the areas of internal and external politics of a state, economic and political system, public administration of a state and the operation of the world exchange, together with secondary goals such as improvement of argumentation, ability to make compromises and team work.

This project made it to the top 15 educational projects in Slovakia in the Generácia 3.0 Award organised by the foundation Nadácia Pontis.

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