Bubble Day

Slovakia, Italy, England, tens of volunteers, hundreds of bubbles with one single mission, which is to realise the beauty of today, to stop and give the most colourful day of the year.

In 2014 Lucka Randová came up with an idea to change an ordinary day full of rush into an unordinary one, to stop people's determined steps for a moment, which will show them all the beauty in their lives which surrounds them if they put aside their worries and responsibilities just for a minute.

August 25 is full of colourful bubbles in six cities in Slovakia. Those are moments full of bubbles blown not only by children, but also by teenagers, university students, parents or grandparents. Precisely at 10 a.m. the city squares are filled with those in favour of the colourful charm of happiness, which doesn't need any virtual connection or electronic support.

Bubble day is an event about people and for people, it doesn't distinguish between age or gender. The bubble meetings in the city centers or other public places can thanks to bubbles make people smile, be happy, taste the magic of imagination and childhood, because despite everything it is always important to look back.

Bubbles will be blown in England, Italy and in several Slovak cities.