Bubble Day 2016

Bubble Day is an inseparable part of August 25, and it was not different in 2016, when bubbles flooded several Slovak cities, among them also Žilina, where our group of volunteers co-organised this extraordinary day.

The idea of ​​the event is to share joy, enthusiasm and smile on the city squares or other public places in towns and villages.

Year 2016 was exceptional for Bubble Day. It was its third birthday with a special idea: Bubble day for everyone. The goal was to make the event accessible to those who can not attend it and to bring it closer to various age groups because age is just a formality and bubbles are the most beautiful way to connect people and give them the chance to remember the beautiful times of childhood.

During this year's event, various sports, creative competitions and a bubble show took place on Marianské Square. The main program culminated in a bubble march at Andrej Hlinka Square. In the evening, another bubble show was prepared in the restaurant Trezor for those who missed the main program. 

Beautiful weather, many participants and endless bubbles in the air can guarantee that we can already look forward to the continuation of this exceptional event in 2017.