9.3.2017 - About Medical Studies without Censorship

On 9.3. the GJH Medical Club organized an outstanding debate, under the PRE-MEDICAL COMMUNITY, on a studying medicine with the Bratislava Society of Medics.

The aim of this event was to inform high school students about life on a medical faculty with the Bratislava Society of Medics, in which there are active students of the Faculty of Medicine at Comenius University who engage in various activities. They discussed several items and they could not avoid topics such as myths about studying vs. reality, the life of a medic, how to choose a school, and also the possibilities of studying and internships abroad.

Bratislava Society of Medics (BSM) is a student non-profit association , which connects students of medicine in Bratislava. BSM continues in the tradition of medics founded in 1920. It provides students with the opportunity to find internships, tutoring, new friends, organise events of various types and many other activities.