We have been writing our story since 2015 and we are still searching for new ways to help the ones who need our help the most as well as trying to improve the social awareness of high school students


The European Union Showed Us Their Support

Within the grant call Štruktúrovaný dialóg (Structured Dialogue) from the European Union, we have been able to get support for Create & Control!

Create & Control: Interview with Denník N

Miška and Aďa, deputy chairmen of our civic association, met with a reporter from Denník N thanks to Generácia 3.0 Awards and they discussed the topic of youth and its informedness concerning functioning of the state as such and therefore the importance of the project Create & Control. Many people expressed their positive approach to us and our activities after the interview and we are happy that people want us to continue in this education trend.

More at:  https://dennikn.sk/766084/stredoskolacky-videli-ze-by-mladi-volili-kotlebu-a-kollara-tak-vymysleli-sutaz-o-tom-ako-funguje-stat/

                        Create & Control: Generácia 3.0 Award

The representatives of our civic association, Miška and Aďa, attended Generácia 3.0 Award presentation organised by Nadácia Pontis on 03.05. 2017. The project Create & Control made it to the  final 15 best educational projects in Slovakia where those ones which try to improve the situation in our country and help overcome the deficiencies of our educational system were present. For example, among the participants were projects: Bilingválne gymnázium C.S. Lewis, Slovenská debatná asociácia, AMAVET, Aj ty v IT, ChemPlay and others.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you for such a unique opportunity

More information at: http://www.forbes.sk/zmena-vo-vzdelavani-sa-uz-deje/


We would like to thank Michal Dio for his willingness to help which he demonstrated by editing the draft of our logo to the version you can see. He also took care of our business cards to ensure easier exchange of contacts in the future.

THANK YOU a lot!


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